Sep 1, 2014

Not A White Out

Sweater: Ganni, Similar Here, & Here
Pants: Topshop, Also Love These, & These
Bag: Givenchy, Another Version Here
Shoes: Sophia Webster, Sold Out, Love These
Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Happy Monday All,
We're in the last days of summer and I'm a bit excited and my favourite season (fall) is slowly upon us. The fashion, the changing leaves, the cool nights, what's not to love?
Culottes made a huge blast this past Spring and into Summer season and dare I say it's not leaving anytime soon. Many aren't confortable with the trend, this week I'll be creating three looks to start you off on the journey of owning this cool article of clothing.
Look one is comprised of a light weight striped sweater, a statement clutch and shoes; pretty simple don't you think?
Well off I go.
Thank you for reading.


Aug 29, 2014

Le Motto

Tee: SheSheBonBon
Dress: Asos
Bag: Valentino
Shoes: New Balance for Jcrew

Happy Friday loves,
Hope all have had a great week and are ready for the weekend. I know I am quite ready, I've been sick with what appears to be the flu and fighting for more strength; hate being under the weather.
To more important things, my slogan tee by Sheshebonbon, a great way to send a stylish message.
I chose this tee because I love the message, "Live More And Worry Less", what a life this would be if we could all do so. This tee is among several available on the site with an array of positive slogans; we all could use just a tad bit more positivity in our daily lives.
On the hot summer day, I wanted a casual yet fun look so, I chose a fitted tank dress to accompany my tee, the look says comfort yet style. To add pop to the look, my tennis shoes and clutch fitted the bill. They both added colour to rave up the look.
How would you wear your slogan tee?


Aug 25, 2014


Top: DVF, C/O Heist Resale Boutique
Shorts: Just Female , Here
Bag: Givenchy, Aslo Love This
Shoes: Sophia Webster, Similar Here, Here & Here
Sunglasses: Prada

Happy Monday loves,
Let's start the week off in RED, thanks to the ladies of Heist Resale Boutique, last mentioned here. Red is not usually a colour I gravitate towards, yes it slightly intimidates me. But on a recent trip to the boutique, this piece was definitely calling to me, tried it on and the rest shall we say is history.
This kimono top has a bit of a samurai theme so the culottes felt like the right pairing and for a dramatic close, the Sophia heels of course. Do you agree?
Well, off I go.


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